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Word-Worship-Prayer Day 15

  Today spend: 7 minutes in the Word: Genesis 3:8-9, Genesis 28:10-15, Exodus 33:11, Deuteronomy 10:16-17 7 minutes in Worship:Great Is Thy Faithfulness performed by Jordan Smith, The Voice 2016 Winner 7 minutes in Prayer: Father God, GREAT IS YOUR FAITHFULNESS. Lord, you are always here with us, never leaving us. You desire to have a relationship with us. How… Continue Reading

Word-Worship-Prayer DAY 14

Today spend: 7 minutes in the Word:  Isaiah 29:13-14;  Matthew 21:19;  Colossians 2:20-23 7 minutes in Worship:   Sanctuary by Randy Rothwell 7 minutes in Prayer:     (Your NAME)_______________________, ARE YOU WALKING RELIGIOUSLY OR CHRIST LIKE? ASK THE LORD TO SHOW YOU WHERE YOU ARE HANGING ONTO RELIGION AND NOT BEING CHRIST LIKE.  Father God, prepare me to be… Continue Reading

Word-Worship-Prayer Day 13

Today spend: 7 minutes in the Word: John 4:24, Nehemiah 9:20, Job 32:8, Romans 8:16, 1 Corinthians 2:13-16, 1 John 2:27 7 minutes in Worship: Holy Spirit by Francesca Battistelli 7 minutes in Prayer: Father God, you are our living hope. Send your presence Lord, send your Holy Spirit Lord. Father, let us experience the glory of your goodness.… Continue Reading