Word-Worship-Prayer Day 19

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Today spend:

7 minutes in the WordEcclesiastes 1:1-10

7 minutes in Worship: Hillsong United – Savior King

7 minutes in Prayer: Father God, we love you, we worship you. You are our God, Father. Father, you asked your Son Jesus to carry the weight of sin and he did all the way to the cross. Father, I give my life to you, use it to edify others, to build others up and to serve you. May all I do be glorifying to who you are. May those you send my way see your love, grace and mercy through my life. Please Father I ask for your forgiveness for sins still remaining in me and on me. Show me Lord what they are so that I may see them, acknowledge them for what they are for I do not wish to hold onto them. By holding onto them they cause a weak length in the amazing intimacy I can have with you. Father, in Jesus’ name I ask. Amen

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