Word-Worship-Prayer DAY 14

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Today spend:

7 minutes in the WordIsaiah 29:13-14 Matthew 21:19 Colossians 2:20-23

7 minutes in Worship:   Sanctuary by Randy Rothwell

7 minutes in Prayer:     (Your NAME)_______________________, ARE YOU WALKING RELIGIOUSLY OR CHRIST LIKE? ASK THE LORD TO SHOW YOU WHERE YOU ARE HANGING ONTO RELIGION AND NOT BEING CHRIST LIKE.  Father God, prepare me to be a sanctuary for you, a living sanctuary for you. Show me where I allow being religious from having a living faithful walk with you. Remove the “religiousness” and fill me with your Holy Spirit. You Father are our living water that quenches all thirst of thirsts. Welcome Holy Spirit, fill me with your power, live inside of me. Father, in your precious son’s name Jesus. Amen

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