Word-Worship-Prayer Day 8

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Today spend:

7 minutes in the Word:   Isaiah 61:1-10, Luke 4:18-21

7 minutes in Worship: Come Holy Spirit by City Harvest Church

7 minutes in Prayer:  In your prayer this morning why not ask the HOLY SPIRIT to show you where you are a prisoner. No, you probably didn’t stab, shoot or strangle a person but did you destroy or attempt to destroy someone’s character?

As I read the scriptures this morning I had a revelation. I always take words literal and this morning I was shown that “prisoner” isn’t always the one behind bars. It’s us, we are prisoners of our sins and if we don’t ask for forgiveness we continue to be prisoner to that sin. Also, “blind” he came to heal the blind. We too are the blind ones when we allow the scales of sin to cover our heart.


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