WORD: Hosea 10:1-12; Psalm 16


PRAYER: Lord God Almighty- Hosanna in the HIGHEST, you are my God. Father God before you now I come on bended knees Lord. Break my heart Lord with the things that breaks yours. Tear down the altars I have made for worshiping. May I only worship you Father. Remove the dead in me so that I may be refreshed and bear fruit of righteousness. Plow thru the hardness of my heart of unforgiveness shedding your Holy Light on it so that I may seek forgiveness and receive renewed soil. Lord, you have assigned me my portion and my cup; through your Son Jesus Christ you have made my lot secure. Thank you precious God. Thank you for your agape love.Your WORD Lord- tells us to seek you. On this day Lord I wish to seek you- to learn from you and to serve you. Blessed is your name Lord. Blessed is your name, Hosanna in the Highest.

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